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Dedicated Construction Management Advisors
As a true advisor, Watchdog functions only in CM Capacity. By not serving dual roles as a General Contractor and Construction Manager, we are focused solely on managing our client's interest.
Accountable to You From Start to Finish
Our approach to Construction Management brings a personal touch to professional services. From project inception to project completion, each member of the Watchdog team takes an active role in making informed decisions.
The need to be flexible is more important than ever in today’s construction industry. Projects of various size and complexity require different levels of service and expertise. Our Watchdog team is made up of highly competent professionals with diverse backgrounds allowing us to provide tailored services unique to each project.



On The Same Team

Watchdog takes a proactive role in the partnership among owner, designers, and contractors. We use our own hard-won credibility as craftsmen to foster a cooperative approach among all stakeholders. This approach often makes for fewer contract modifications, accelerated schedules and better workmanship.
Commitment to Community
We recognize that each public work project not only impacts the owner and occupants of the project but the entire community. We understand the importance of the long-term commitment made by the tax payers or investors within the community and strive for minimal negative impact on the surrounding environments. We believe in giving back to the community through student education programs like “Dollars for Scholars” and the Jack Osborne Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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